I wondered about doing this. Everyone has a blog these days; what value could mine offer? I’m a single woman in my late 50’s, currently a professional voice artist recording and producing audiobooks and elearning courses in my home studio. I’m also a former federal civil servant with 22.5 years of experience in chemical risk management and risk and hazard communication, and a former lawyer and teacher. I have a passion for aviation, history, books, singing, writing, and television and film production, among many other things, and my life is a mix of all of these.

My friend and financial adviser Katherine suggested I write about all of it, because people might be inspired by my experience of reinventing my life post-Federal-retirement and embarking on a whole new career. So that’s what this blog is going to be. I’m going to talk about voiceover work, retirement planning, career planning, volunteering, and living life to the fullest as a mature single woman pursuing all the things that make me happy and make my life worthwhile. And if anything I write helps anyone else, I’ll be happier still.

My business is giving voice to other people’s stories; in this blog, I’m voicing my own.