I’ve never attended a Presidential inauguration, and I won’t start now. Closest I ever came was Obama in 2009, because – what a glorious historical moment! But my distaste for being in large crowds, plus knowing I would have a much better and more comfortable vantage point from my living room television, meant that I stayed home and watched. And I toasted the future, ate a celebratory dinner, and danced!

Tomorrow, I will not watch. I have absolutely nothing to celebrate in the inauguration of Trump, whom I believe to be the most unqualified, reprehensible candidate in US. history. I will observe the peaceful transition of power simply because it’s what our democracy does. I will listen, but only because I want to hear what Trump actually says so I can mark how quickly he reneges on or outright negates on Twitter anything he says concerning building unity in our divided country. Think I’m being cynical? Far from it. I’m acting on my own personal observations of everything Trump has done since throwing his hat in the ring, and even before.

He has insulted others with impunity while deriding and attacking anyone who dares to criticize him. He lies almost every time he opens his mouth, even regularly denying having made statements we can watch on video or see in his own Twitter feed. He respects no one, but demands respect for himself.

He hasn’t earned it.

I respect the office of the President. Based on his own words and actions, however, Trump does not. I fully expect him to dishonor the office from the moment he occupies it. If he proves me wrong, I will be relieved, and I will acknowledge my error. But I think my chances of being called upon to do that are minuscule at best.

Trump has named to his Cabinet people mostly as manifestly unprepared and unfit for their positions as he is himself. Many, particularly including Pruitt for EPA, Price for HHS, DeVos for Education, and Perry for Energy, are philosophically diametrically opposed to the very missions of the agencies they would direct, and deny the evidence of science to promote unsustainable strategies for the future. Most of them come with conflict of interest baggage, as does Trump himself, because of their economic status as millionaires with complex investment tendrils extending throughout the U.S. economy, opening the door to potential corruption on a massive scale.

Trump’s GOP Congress is the most obstructionist, reactionary, anti-science, anti-rationality body on the planet, and under the guise of social conservatism, would drive us back into the segregated 1950’s when a woman’s place was strictly in the home, people of color were second-class citizens at best, LGBTQ folk were forcibly in the closet, and anyone not some flavor of mainstream Christianity didn’t belong anywhere outside a joke about Jews or Muslims. And don’t get me started about healthcare, with over 60% of personal U.S. bankruptcies before the Affordable Care Act being due to the costs of unexpected accident or illness.

Screw all of that. Women’s rights, LGBTQ rights, the rights of refugees, people of color, and people of multiple cultural and religious backgrounds – they’re all HUMAN rights. We’re all supposed to be equal before the law, however varied our gifts, skin colors, or beliefs. And I’m going to fight for that. I’m going to fight for the sustainable future of Spaceship Earth, because without her, the human race and every other lifeform on the planet is doomed. I intend to be on the Mall as part of the Women’s March this coming Saturday, despite my antipathy for crowds.

So just you wait, Trump and the GOP. History has its eyes on you. And so do I.

I’m a warrior for truth. I am strong. I am tenacious.

And I am not alone.