Author: Duffy and Mumford
Narrator: Mary F. Dominiak
Length: 3 hrs and 42 mins
Format: Unabridged
Release Date: 12-03-13
Publisher: Happy Tails Books
Program Type: Audiobook

Publisher’s Summary

Lost Souls: Found! Inspiring Stories about German Shepherd Dogs is a heartwarming, thought-provoking compilation of more than 40 true stories that address the cruelty of animal neglect and abuse and the joy rescued dogs bring to their new homes. This book is a must-read for German Shepherd lovers and people who are considering adopting dogs. A significant portion of proceeds from every sale is donated back to german shepherd dog rescue groups.

Excerpt:“I was approved as a bone-a-fide dog mom by my local rescue and, confident I would be taking home a particular female, I had painted a room pink for her and purchased doggy nail polish. Upon finally meeting my girl, the rescue director cautioned me about her extreme dominance and need for discipline, which was not my forte by any means. Still stubborn and hopeful, I walked her until she quickly proved our mismatch by dragging me across the yard. Begrudgingly I moved on to meet several less dominant dogs, and to my surprise the one turned out to be Jackson (now Beau), a male with striking hazel eyes, who adopted me the moment we met. The pink doggy room is now used for storage, the nail polish was given away, and Beau is an absolute dream companion.”-Lisa Hall

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