61PqLLIFJmL._SL300_Imagine That!
Written by: Linda Kathleen (Kathy) Nelzen
Narrated by: Mary F. Dominiak

What happens when big city meets small town and discover that they share not only love, but a thirst for entrepreneurship and travel? A rollicking RV ride through 18 of our United States – from the Ozarks of Missouri and the swampland of Florida; to the hills of West Virginia to the Lone Star State. You’re invited along on their journey as they discover the common thread that runs through the diverse people they encounter.

You will experience their joy in the realization of their dreams while learning how to take that first germ of an idea, market, advertise and distribute it, and have fun all along the way. Imagine That! encourages anyone to follow through on that great idea in the back of your mind, be it a better mousetrap or the next Pet Rock.

©2004, 2013 L. Kathleen Nelzen (P)2013 L. Kathleen Nelzen

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